Turbo roof ventilators


Turbo roof ventilators can push hot air outside the building . These Turbo roof ventilators can keep your building cool-Buy at maximum Discount ..Using only the power of wind speed 1.4 KMH, turbo ventilators silently draw heat, damp and stagnant air, humidity fumes,odours, dust, smoke from inside the building of factories, godowns, workplaces etc.Deva's turbo roof ventilator which can be used in industry , godown, manufacturing unit etc . when you install devas roof ventilator the hot air inside the building is pulled out side and the surface of the building will be cool . having enough of these installed in the roof will help to reduce the temperature of the building by bringing cool air inside and releasing hot air outside. you can get more discount when you buy roof ventilators from us. Just call us . we are manufacturers in kerala

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Turbo roof ventilator.

Turbo roof ventilator will push hot air out side and give a cool temperature inside without the need of electricity. It can be Mounted of the top of the roof  For every 250 square feet you will need an ventilator . You can mount ventilators not only for the  heat Reduction but also for reduction of dust in your factory to give a warm  atmosphere so that your workers can work effectively . It can be also used in chemical factory to pull the harmful gases out. This can save your cost and time Ventilators  doesn’t need electricity .The air flows through these roof ventilators which causes the entire top to rotate due to the wind’s velocity.  Buy a good company ventilator because not all ventilators you buy can give you a good result. Always the design maters for roof ventilators, These designs help roof ventilators to spin at maximum speed.

  • Zero maintenance cost with no consumption of electricity.
  • Strong and Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Natural wind without Noise
  • Natural Light with day light polycarbonate base Fixture.

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 wind speed 1.4 KMH, as a result it silently pull heat outside the Building  


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