Trafford sheet


Deva steels manufacturers of trafford roofing sheet uses the latest technology in manufacturing to ensure the durability of roofing sheet. Devas trafford roofing sheet is available in more than 25 color and they are available in Aluminium, pre-painted galvanized, pre painted galvalume. Thickness of the roofing sheets starts from .28 to a maximum of .60. If you are low on budget then Deva’s roofing sheet is the best roofing sheet for your house.

Heights , parameters dimensions and thickness of the roofing sheet are mentioned below.

jsw red roofing sheet

jsw red roofing sheet






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Parameters Dimensions of 6 ribs Dimensions of 5 ribs
Crest height 26 32
Tile length 200mm 250mm
supplied width 1100mm 1100
Covered width 1000mm 1000mm
Length up to 12 meter up to 12 meter
dimension of roofing sheet

dimension and parameters of roofing sheet



dimension of roofing sheet

dimension  and parameters of roofing sheet

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CLADDING SHEET an alternative for trafford sheet

Available Aluminium zinc Coating on roofing sheet  – AZ-220 GSM, AZ-150GSM, AZ-70GSM— Click here to see what is AZ coating

Paint coating on Roofing sheet —-35 Microns on top, 25 microns on bottom

Yield strength-550 MPA, 340MPA, 240MPa —click here to see what is Yeild Strength

#1 What is the best thickness of trafford roofing  sheet?

Deciding the thickness of roofing sheet depends up on many factor. If you want your 1st floor to be roofed then .32 or .35 is a good choice and the same factors is also ok for the 2nd floor, but if you are placing the roofing sheet on the 3rd floor  then you should go for a higher thickness .40 or .45 will be a good choice.

#2 Which is the best 5 ribs or 6 ribs roofing sheet?

Really the ribs doesn’t matter, increasing the ribs wont give you more strength.




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