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Polycarbonates are one of the advanced form of polymers in the field of plastics, it has the properties like high impact strength, transparency,light weight, flexibility,durablity,excellent thermal resistant and fine resistance.why you should try polycarbonate? devas polycarbonate now a days replaced glasses . this is because of the low cost of the polycarbonate sheet .which gives a glass feel . devas poly carbonate sheets is used in office cabin , meeting room etc . when you are replacing glasses with devas poly carbonate you can save up to 80% of cost . this sheets are very light in weight which makes it easy to carry and safe . you can save extra 10% when you buy from devasteel this is because we are the manufacturers and ranked as no1 in south India. benifts of devas poly carbonate sheet - low cost , versatility, easy for construction , sound barriers , uv ray protector.Polycarbonate roofing sheet prices in kerala are very high but our polycarbonate sheets are very cost effecient, light weight and affordable.Transparent polycarbonate sheet also called as transparent roofing sheet is used widley to replace glass.

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Multiwall 1220mm width* 1180 mm length, 2100mm width*11800mm length
Compact 1220mm width* 30500mm length, 2100mm width*30500mm length
Crystal 1220mm width*30500 mm length, 2100mm width*30500mm length
Prismatic 1220mm width*30500mm length
Corugatetd and traprizodical 1100 width* upto maximum length of 7310mm

Available colors- Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Grey, Milky white etc.

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#1 Places where polycarbonate sheets are used:- 

  • Industrial Factory
  • Buildings
  • Warehouse
  • Roof light
  • Agricultural Green house
  • Canopy waiting room
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor and Out door Decoration sign post
  • Shower enclosures
  • Sun roof
  • Interior doors
  • security counter
  • police shield  etc…..

Green nature polycarbonate sheet have both side UV coated and made by 100% virgin material. Green nature polycarbonate sheet are one of the advanced form of polymers in the field of plastics. It has the properties like high impact strength transparency, light weight, flexibility, durability, excellent thermal resistant and fire resistance.

#2 How Long does a polycarbonate sheet last?

If they are installed properly the polycarbonate sheet can last up to 18-23 years depending upon the atmospheric conditions.

#3 Can we use silicone on polycarbonate sheet or will silicone stick to polycarbonate sheet?

Yes! silicone will stick to polycarbonate sheet and it also act as anti-scratch property. The only thing to note is buy a good company silicone so that it can bond well to polycarbonate sheet.

#4 Which is better ! polycarbonate sheet or glass?

Here is the advantages if you go for polycarbonate sheet over glasses.

  • light weight( which makes it easier of installation)
  • Polycarbonate sheet has 200% more impact resistance than glass.(stronger than glass)
  • Cost of the polycarbonate sheet is lower than the glass.
#5 Does polycarbonate sheet absorb heat?

Polycarbonate sheet can with stand a temperature of 200 degree for several hours. both side UV coated can withstand longer.

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