Decking sheet


Decking sheets are extra strong  and durable .Deva's Decking sheets are used in high rise building, office building , mezzanine floors, multi layer car parking, industrial building, ware house etc. These decking sheets can be used as permanent shuttering to support the concrete to create composites slab and floor beam. Deva's Decking sheet is a low cost alternative .steel deck that provides a stable and safe working platform to allow wet concrete to be poured. Structural steel Deck sheet also acts as a tensile reinforcement imparting strength to the concrete slab. steel decking sheets wich are manufactured by deva steels are suitable for all forms of construction steel frame, concrete frame. Steel decking sheets have wide application across Infrastructural, industrial and commercial segments. using devas decking sheet for building can actually be a good choice and cost efficient . You are saving around 7-12% while using devas decking sheet . this is because we are the  manufacturer of our products . In short if it takes 3 months to build a 3 floor building , If you use decking sheet it would take 1 month for the 3 floor building. the pros of using decking sheet for your constructions are - 

  • Saves on concrete and reinforcement cost
  • Speedy construction ensures faster project completion
  • Precision engineered; brings greater economy and design freedom
  • Greater corrosion resistance provides long life
    Ease of installation combined with safety

Decking sheet

Installation  process of decking sheet-

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Load carrying capacity of various spans in kg
Span in meters
Thickness 1.0 mtr 1.2 mtr 1.4 mtr 1.6 mtr 1.8 mtr 2.0 mtr
0.8mm 2009 1395 1025 784 620 502
1.00mm 2512 1744 1281 981 725 628
1.2mm 2936 2038 1497 1146 906 731


parameters dimensions
crest height 51mm
Tile length 232.5mm
supplied width 960mm
covered width 930mm
length up to 15 mtr
thickness range 0.70-1.20mm
yeild strenth 300 to 550 mpa

The continuous and deep embossments of  increase the loading capacity  of decking sheet. They provide very stable and rigid working platform without any need of propping. These panels are roll formed from galvanized coils and colors coated galvalume coil.

What is decking sheet?

Decking Sheets are used as the stable floors of the building structures. These decking sheets are very helpful to change the look of the interiors of homes, balconies or other building structure easily and quickly. The floor decking sheets are temporary platforms that can be changed conveniently as per the requirements. For creating new level within the building, these decking sheets are required for a strong construction.


  • You can build your building 30% faster.
  • cost is less comparatively less

How to increase the load carrying capacity of ?

With the sheet thickness of 0.8mm if your purling span is 1 meter gap then you load carrying capacity will be 2 tons, if the purling span is 1.2mtr then load carrying capacity will be 1.3 tons .If you use sheet thickness of 1.00 mm then load carrying capacity will be 2.5 ton with the purling span of 1 meter. If the span of purling decrease then you carry more load or vice versa.



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