Cladding sheet


Most beautiful liner profile specially for false ceiling and wall claddings. It's special small folding gives attractive look. These profiles are made up of high quality galvalume colour coated material in glossy, mat finish,wood finish and multi colour designs. These special design adds more strength and beauty to your structure

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cladding sheet is famous for it’s closely corrugated design in Kerala. projects -Bismi hyper market, skoda show room

parameter Dimension
Crest height 9mm
Tile length 83mm
Supplied width 1130mm
Covered width 1080mm
Length up to 12 meter
thickness range 0.25-0.50mm
Yeild strenth 300 to 550 mpa

 why you should go for cladding  sheets over trafford sheets?

Trafford sheet length is 1.1 meter and when over lapped the length will be decreased to 1 meter . as on the other hand . if you are comparing claddig sheet on the other hand the length of the clading sheet is 1.13 meters and when you over lap your are getting a total of 1.08 meter as compared to trafford sheet you get 0.8 meter than the traffor sheet . in short if you use 100 traford to cover a building . It only takes 90 cladding sheets to cover a building and the rate of cladding sheet is very low compared to trafford sheet.  we have jsw steels , tata bushan. bushan colour , jindal utham etc pic your favourate company.

Where can I see cladding sheet structured Building?

The main place where you can see is visit your nearest Bismi store or skoda showroom.

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