Roofing sheet in kerala


ultimate roofing solution

High quality Materials

we are using high quality materials


Fast transportation

Low cost

our product is very cost effecient

Roofing sheet factory

We have been on business since 2005

we are the leading manufacturers of roofing sheet in south India.

With a total production capacity of 10,000  metric ton  we are proud to say that we are the largest manufacturers of roofing sheet in south India. Our products are available for almost 34 districts in south India. we have 35 products  all  together .

Established in 2005  deva steels roofing sheet has been in forefront  in providing India’s best roofing sheet we are the manufacturers and suppliers of roofing sheet in South India.

Jsw steels limited.

Uttam .

Jindal sabarang.

Tata Bushan . 

Bushan power and steel.

National Aluminium.

Jindal forever Aluminium.